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Faced with the concern of relatives and friends and asked myself did not think of a number of grievances, many times, the Federation could not suppress tears of surging out, perhaps to suppress a long time, the anger a long time, you too need to vent ... ...

Whenever this time of burn was the reality I like to use several layers of text wrap around themselves, in the vent in the desolate, lonely in the console itself, and then slowly in a strong pain.

Relatives and friends said that I was too naive and childish, in fact, I used the years there is no way for her worldly wise, I am very clear about my life to learn is not smooth and hypocritical, transparent and will always be true I can not fade label, but when their own infant and the pain again, I am really frustrated, and frustrating to do a frog wanted to hibernation, or as soon as possible to make a return of migratory birds to flee, to escape from the troubles of the cities, people flee this sad life.

After all, is not a dream can be reality, not if, despite the exhaustion of a variety of ways I could not infiltrated the heart or the blockade of the pain, the pain fishes continuously silkworm be swallowed as numerous as the discrepancies in the actual leaves, each on the night of heartache, I from time to time a person will head, moaning softly cover your wounds to the release of a statement that he has no injuries.

But I still prefer to believe that life is better, because people always alive, and inequality have to learn how to fight, learn to work in a narrow winding trail in the forward and learn in a limited space to play to their maximum. If you do not want to sink, autumn and winter and would like to proudly independent, then the best way is to achieve a calm mind.

So I gave myself a strong reason, or reasons for the heart. The occurrence of a lot of things and the results are natural and can not, do not have to go to the so-called reasons. In fact, as long as the dream in mind, as long as the passion is still, it should look up on the extension of the earth, will our hearts soar up into the sea.

  Gradually found that the frustration and time to bring their own to combat the kind of desolation after the strong, the kind of passion with red blood, it is more down the kind of the mentality of the more strong. Gradually realized that people tend to temper themselves in dignity, their own analysis, in the struggle to survive in themselves, motivate themselves.

Although they are not at every stage of every corner of the warmth of the brilliant, but I will still be self-confidence, their self-confidence will still be crowded head stands, they are allowed to rise, stays.

Therefore, in the face of difficult to look back on the course, I would like to use their silent struggle to be spiritual comfort, in the face of unknown future, I would like to further efforts to strive to inspire their own efforts forever.

Finally, I would like to say: "I thank the frustration, let me calm mind, a lot of light, but also let me in an unexpected setback."















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