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What are the opportunities? Some people say that opportunity is like a beauty! When you met or you do not grasp the courage to get to know her, she will be fleeting, or by others as she would sure have. And when you realize that, she has not! Only "hate free" the.

Some people always complain about life and work, there is no Bole Chollima find themselves in this piece to their own development opportunities and space. So obscure, mediocre and incompetent. But I also think that the opportunity is grasped in its own hands, we must strive to create their own. Only your hard work is paid, and are prepared to do, and will be given the opportunity.

College of Technology a few days before the primary science teaching and research staff to inform me to Shenyang to participate in the "Central Research Institute for Education and Research Center for Science Education in primary schools sponsored by the Second National (Northeast) Primary science class selection of quality seminars." For me this is not the formal for the science teacher is really a great, unique learning opportunities. This is from last semester to participate in talking about the essay contest, I am usually very concerned about education as a result of teaching activities, the regular education to the county Web site to see, there are no suitable to participate in the activities of their own, once I saw the call for the provincial colleges of education in primary science papers and instructional design. I found all levels of teaching materials and reference materials, and online instructional design carefully reading the wording of science, because since the work I have been engaged in the mathematical disciplines, mathematics is the primary and for a science or a layman, but since we must do a good job to do. I will be a good topic <leaf> a class, began to try to figure out how to write lesson plans in order to have innovation, do not fall into the familiar sets, as well as learning the value of certain. sought after I finished teaching at a renowned teacher, he believes that line, I only sent to College of Technology lesson plans. but it was not until this semester , College of Technology only notified to the participating provinces, but also published in book publishing.

Although the school has three full-time science teacher, but because of age, some cling to the idea of fields, so the school activities in the scientific disciplines are always blank.刘校长I am seeking to see progress, work must be enforced vigorously. Let me declare Members of the College of Technology teaching and research in teacher training teacher backbone "activities. also my personal teaching ability is also excellent, I am very glad that the selection in the College of Technology, I selected those who have become. (This also indicates that I would like to in the scientific disciplines continue to enrich their own teaching ability, after a lot of teaching and learning activities to take part, and it is difficult to pay work)

And刘校长talk about this matter, I said she would like to thank for giving me the opportunity to declare the training of teachers, have the opportunity to learn to go out. And she said that if work is not your personal efforts, I simply did not expect to declare your. Opportunity for everyone is equal is the chance to create your own, set up a bridge for better progress. As long as you are not afraid of suffering, the future you will be in the scientific disciplines of the results.

It can be said that some teachers taught in science classes for many years did not become the subject of teacher training, but also there has been little success. I can not say that God favored me in particular, care, giving me the opportunity, but I am down-to-earth, step by step and be prepared to usher in the work of a good teaching opportunity, I will seize this rare opportunity to make our improvements!



前几天进修学校的小学科学教研员通知我去沈阳参加 “中央教育科研所小学科学教育研究中心主办的全国第二届(东北区)小学科学优质课评选研讨会”.对于我这个不正规的科学老师来说真是一次天大的、难得的学习机会. 这话要从上学期参与的论文









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