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In the summer, there is a something you can send cool; in deepest winter, one thing can give you lots of warmth; happy, it foon dance with you; sad, it healed in your heart pain. It is my life complex - the book.

Indeed, from an early age, I formed a bond with the book. From kindergarten to start, "Little Red Riding Hood," "Blue Wizard" has become my favorite. I have often in the book Little Red Riding Hood and the lovely playing, with lovely blue wizard said whispering ... ...

The elementary school, I had the opportunity to reach a larger book. As long as I have time I went to the school library, like a small hard-working bees, tirelessly garden in the book collecting the pollen of flowers: "Journey to the West" I realized that the classical literature of the spirit; "What is iron and steel Make "I am for the tragic fate of the heroine Paul T ran ... ... Along with these famous number, I have gone through ups and downs of the day, solved the mystery puzzled me. In reading, I saw the light of the human mind; in reading, I have been the spirit of consolation.
Remember that on one occasion, I finished work, before looking at a neat shelves of books, his mind suddenly had an idea - write a story of its own campus, but was strongly opposed to the mother, she said to me: "You are the sixth-grade students, and mainly to learn not to waste too much time on these matters." her mother is a heart of stone, even all the books sent to the grandmother at home. My closest friend left me, I can not remember the book extra-curricular language to express, and finally I came up with a good ideas. Weekend I begged my mother to take me home to see grandma to grandma. To where, I secretly put some of my favorite book out, hidden in my small bag. Home, take advantage of her mother in cooking, I quickly small bag out of a book, caught in the clothes. "Mom, I on the toilet, and then," bang "out of the door to the toilet, which I can peacefully under the hearts of my book to see. Although the toilet in the eyes of others is an indecent manner, but for me That was my "reading space." In this way, when I tired to learn, the "reading space" has become my freedom on earth. a few weeks, I have not backward learning, but also to improve a lot.

This is my reading the story, because I love reading, so have many of the harvest: Pear-lin Center at the school at the "Growing with reading" and "Long talk about the story, learning the spirit of the Red Army" were given a speech in the third game ; in Jiyuan City "High School Cup" competition in the network of primary and secondary school students in writing, my writing "to sub-storm" was third; in Jiyuan City TV writing competition in primary and secondary schools, my essay "extend your hand, construction New Countryside "won first prize at this time ... ... every time, I was pleased to see that all this is not all due to reading it?
Partners so that we Poem hands, set aside and impulsive noise, the quiet enjoyment of the heart; so that we built this beautiful complex, to climb this ladder of human progress, a knowledge of the rich, spiritual giant it!




这就是我的读书故事,因为我爱读书,所以有了许多的收获:在梨林中心校举行的“读书伴我成长” 和“讲长征故事,学红军精神”演讲比赛中分别获得三等奖;在济源市“高级中学杯”中小学生作文网络大赛中,我的作文《改分风波》获得三等奖;在济源市中小学作文TV大赛中,我的作文《伸出你的手,建设新农村》荣获一等奖……每当这时,我是欣慰的,这一切不都归功于读书吗?  





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