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Good! In this weather, sun days, we ushered in the primary school level in the last gather.
And around to wave farewell to the campus, though, there are a thousand words can not express my feeling of attachment to his alma mater. Students believe that, you feel as I do with it. From school to the present, I am most impressed by the school is the cherry tree in front of trees and the edge of the tree small tree. That little tree is my first year in the guard when the old man saw the seeds of, and now that it has added a six-ring, and the cherry tree has witnessed its growth. We like the little tree, and the campus is the cherry trees, is not it?
Watching all the campus, is so familiar with, can not help but brought back memories of my ... ...
Remember that second-grade "61" Children's Day, the school playground is now only one-third of the ground but not the plastic cement, as a result of the auction would be too crowded, I was squeezing the students fell. Only heard "Jenna" and say, I fall on the cement floor, and when I difficult to climb up from, it was found that the skin of the left knee has been frayed, blood flow quickly out, I slowly walked to the classroom, continue to spread the pain. At this time, met a lot of students said: "funny, how the?" "Oh, you knee the frayed, tease, how to engage in, to, paper towels, put the stone around the wound erase it!" "Oh, quick to the health room! "Bork, bork, bork concerned with the students asked me. Later, I was with a group of well-intentioned arm mounted x school went to the health room, Xu teachers to help me carefully cleaning the wound, the medicine, I grinned in pain呲you want to cry, to comfort students, I hold back the tears. Although not to the activities of the afternoon, and can only stay in the classroom, but my heart is still full and happy!
Remember the tug-of-war a year ago, the decider in the final, we lost the power of the second seeded player disparity - 501 classes. What? We have failed, it is our experience of three tug-of-war's biggest setback, because we have never been defeated before, the situation was very tense, one-to-one level! We became a draw play, the final outcome of the Board is scheduled! After all, we have the beginning of some sad, some resulting in decreased strength, but the thought of collective honor above all else, it once again full of confidence, full of energy on the floor of the "battlefield" "Come on, Come on!" Cao teachers led the team pulling to one side cheering for us, we keep a stiff upper lip, were doing a full, good! Rope has been moved to our side, increasing margins, and with the referees whistle out the other side of the rope of a song that we are all collapsed. "Victory, victory!" We are lying on the ground cheered: "" five consecutive championships, five consecutive championships! "Cao teachers face is flushed with excitement. Yes, we have after some twists and turns ultimately on the strength once again won the first prize!
 set of clothing, I have it hung in the closet where the most conspicuous, as it witnessed the first performance school!
Remember the past primary school life, each touch of our unique memory of the clouds in the sky.
Time flies, time flies, we are about to bid farewell to the division of Friends of primary and secondary schools, secondary schools entered the door, bid farewell to the naive and innocent childhood into young and mature man.
Beloved teacher, dear students, let us this precious child, locked in this beautiful emotion, the memory of the permanent collection that it!






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